Keep out the cold, windy, damp, winter weather
with Chill-Beater Scarves.
The warm fleece lined scarves are warm, fashionable
and easy to wear. I also make some of the
scarves with a 'summer' lightweight lining
for wearing with a suit or sweater.'

Choose from many different patterns and
colours to compliment your style
for only $25.00 includes HST!

Click on "Selection Chart" for the
NEW 2019 Scarves.

Wait for it...the 2019 Show Schedule is
coming soon.

Take a look at my Motorcycle and Sports Scarf!
This wonderful addition features thin double-bonded
fleece which is wind-proof, water-proof, breathable and
fastens with velcro at the back of your neck.

You can pull it up over your mouth and nose to
protect you from the cold winds. Only $20.00!

If you like what you see here, then why not
send an email to a friend telling them
about my products? 


Sharon Lawrence

p.s. You can me too!



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