Here's what others have to say about Chill-Beater Scarves:

Scarves...arrived today. You made my Christmas shopping a whole lot easier. MC

Hi Sharon - The scarves were in the mail box when we arrived home - many thanks, just what I wanted! SJ

I just pulled a scarf out that I purchased several years ago. Love it. It was so handy that you put your email website on the label. Anyhow, I wanted to order 2 scarves. SL

Just received the scarves. They are gorgeous. Love the soft material!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the great service. SL

Somewhere on your website I read about headbands, I couldn't find any pictures of them nor prices. Pls e mail me soon. I was given a beautiful scarf you made, by a friend and I love it. PLUS, it's MADE IN Canada....MB

Thanks Sharon. I'm giving it as a gift to a friend, as she loved mine and said that she would like one sometime.
I hope she likes it, as it's hard to tell what someone else would like. Thanks for the fast service.J

These scarves are amazing...and very fashionable. :0). I own several of them, and often receive compliments on how fabulous they look. :0). The fleece lining is so comfy on those cool chilly days! En"joy" your won't be disappointed. JE

Hello there Sharon..... Well I have to tell you...I can't count how many times people comment on the scarves I wear.. Of course made by you.... I've actually taken the scarf off several give someone your email and web site...Again, just today in Guelph while shopping at Bowrings.JE

I received your beautiful scarves yesterday. Good timing! This morning I put on the very nice & warm velvety rust colored one. Nice & cozy with this wintry blizzard going on.Love them all! Thanks again.YS

WOW.. I bought both my daughter, and my mom one of your scarfs for Christmas. By now I could
probably sell close to 20 of them with all the compliments, and praise they've both gotten
from these! Well made, sturdy, and VERY comfortable.. If you're thinking about buying one..
. DO IT you will never regret it! Thank you for your great work! B

Thank you, Sharon. Will see you at the show in London in October. Of course, I want some
more scarves and have more friends who would like some as well. I use your head bands on my
hiking excursions; they are light, very comfortable, keep the hair off my face and in the
cooler weather they keep my ears warm. So many people want one so I hope they go to your
show . . . I gave them your website.

You do a great job!

I purchased one of your scarves recently at a craft sale in Tara,Ont.. I love it, it is so
warm and I want to order a couple more

I received my scarf today and it is exactly what I wanted. I was in Toronto this Fall
visiting my Aunt and we went to a craft show that you were at. I can't remember the name of
the town, but it's not far from Lindsay (Buckhorn). My Aunt bought me a scarf as she already
has several and really loves them. CB

Hi Sharon: I received the scarves today...thank you so much, they are just beautiful...Hope
you and your family have a Merry Christmas. SB

Put the cheque in the mail this am, I did not see u at a craft show but I am a hairdresser
and a customer was showing me a scarf she boutht from u I think it might have being at
buckhorn but not sure and she left me the info to check online so now my mother is getting
one for christmas so again thanks

Hi Sharon
I received the scarf yesterday. Speedy service. It looks awesome.
Thank you so much.CB

Hi Received the scarf and am reallly pleased with it, love the color it is for my mother
maybe later I shall treat myself to one Thanks KV

Yours is my favourite stall. I receive so many compliments on your scarves during my year.MH

I want to let you know that I received the three scarves this morning and will be making
three woman very happy when they start using their gift.
You have a great selection and keep doing what you are good at! I am positive I will be in
touch with you again.
Merry Christmas and all the best for 2013 GO

I bought a chill beater scarf for my sister-in-law last Christmas which I purchased at the
Apple Fest craft show. I just spoke to her today and she loves it so much she would like
another one in purples. She said it would be great for a gift next Christmas but I was
wondering if there was any way to get it sent for delivery before Christmas. JL

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