Scarf Selection Page

HI! If the scarf you're looking at is Sold Out, don't give up. I have many other colours available. Give me a call at 1-519-756-1672 or email me using the link at the bottom of the home page.

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There are so many fabrics to choose from that it is impossible to show them all on the web site. Because of the pandemic, this is the largest catalogue I've ever posted - almost every scarf pattern I have this year.  It is also very difficult to classify patterns by colour because so many have multiple colours. Select a colour page by clicking on a link below.
Be sure to look at each of the colour pages. There are links back to the home page at the top of each colour page and a link back to here at the bottom of each colour page.

This is the 2021 Online Collection.

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Black, White, Silver
#1900-1908, 1980-1987,2000-2018, 2100, 2178

Brown & Taupe
#1910g-1918, 2020-2029C

Skulls #20K-20U, 21A

Greens & Blues
#1921-1925, 1930-1937, 2040-2049C, 2120-2124, 2171, 2175-76

#1940-1948, 2050-2059

Red #1950-1959, 2060-2069C,
2130-2134, 2170-2173

Wildlife Prints  #2090-2097,
Pink, Purple &Burgundy
#1960-1964, 1970-1978, 2030-2039C, 2140-2149A
Gold #1988, 2070-2077 Black/Sparkle  
#1990-1995, 2080-2088, 2150-2151
Checks, Plaids, Music, Christmas #21-32, 2170-2178, 2190, 2191 Ivory Whites #20A-20E, 2160-2162